Aktis® logo

Creation of logos in Illustrator/Photoshop for the European leader in agricultural supplies.

Astelis® brochure

Creation of a product presentation brochure for the European leader in agricultural supplies.
Logo, layout, printing follow-up


Creation of the visual identity and poster for an exhibition on chemistry and sustainable development.
Visual identity, poster, signs.

CEFIC Exhibition

Complete realization of a multimedia exhibition for an association of European chemical industries on chemistry and sustainable development in the Parliament of Strasbourg.
Plans, 3D model, visual identity, sign making, multimedia, sound, installation, logistics

Exposition CEFIC


Creation of a poster with 3D models of industrial equipment using andalusite.


Creation of a kakemono for an andalusite mine.


Realization of a poster for a mining company of extraction of refractory materials (Andalusite).

3D modeling of industrial equipment using andalusite


Creation of a WordPress website for the European project Etekina with our partner ESCI.
Visual identity and scientific popularization.
Domain name, hosting, maintenance and messaging. To be seen on :

Genmed logo

Creation of a logo in Illustrator/Photoshop for a CEA Excellence laboratory.