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Communication Scientifique

You need to set up a communicationto make your technology known, increase your sales, differentiate yourself from your competitors … Anaximandre provides a complete solution to make your project a success.

  • Marketing for Biotechnologies
  • Communications advice
  • Scientific communication
  • Communication supports
  • Data visualisation

For over 20 years, Anaximandre has been advising you on your marketing strategy and scientific communication, and producing all your communication media.
Our multi-disciplinary, scientifically-trained team brings the dual expertise required to promote your complex and innovative products or services

Why ?

Due to the complexity of their products and services, the communication needs of research laboratories, biotechnologies and pharmaceutical laboratories are growing considerably.
Similarly, the public demand for scientific communication is also on the increase.

For these reasons, one of the keys to the future success of biotechnologies and research laboratories will be their ability to communicate about their technologies, not only to other scientists, but also to investors and above all the wider public, who are increasingly concerned with bioethics issues.
Critical understanding of biotechnologies by the general public must come through scientific and technical communication.

Marketing for Biotechnologies

Anaximandre provides unique expertise in setting up a marketing strategy for its customers.

    • Knowledge of the biotechnologies marketand companies working in life sciences
    • DualIT & Life sciences expertise
    • Marketing strategyadapted to biotechnologies

Communication Consulting

Anaximandre accompanies you at every stage of your communication to achieve your objectives:

  • better visibility
  • communication to your investors or decision makers
  • to popularize your technologies
  • competitive differentiation
  • increase your margins and sales

Methodology :

  • Definition of expectations and needs
  • Marketing position and mix
  • Communication by target
  • Communication strategy: by which media or channel? Timing ?
  • Communication plan: visual identity, types of communication media, …
  • Recommendations
  • Budget estimate
  • Project planning
  • Follow-up and reporting


Our multidisciplinary team, with a scientific background, brings you the double competence necessary for the communication of your complex and innovative products or services.

We work for you:

  • Biotechnologies
  • Pharmaceuticallaboratories
  • Cosmetic and nutraceutical laboratories
  • Public or private research laboratories
  • Scientific equipment companies
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Local authorities with a scientific problem (museography, environment, …)

Added value

Anaximandre strives to truly understand its clients’ business in order to better represent or enhance it.

  • Understanding of the issues in the scientific context or environment
  • Bibliographic research in the field concerned
  • True” representation of biological or technical processes