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Definition of Data Visualization

Data Visualization or DataViz is a generic term describing any technique which helps people to understand the meaning of the data placed in a visual context. Thus, data visualization software identifies and highlights diagrams, trends and correlations, which could have gone unnoticed buried within textual data (source LeMagIT).

Data visualization

Anaximandre is a specialist in both the data and the graphics, and can therefore put your data to its best use to obtain its best representation, and convey the most relevant information.

Data Visualization is an important stage in the process of data analysis.

Process Big Data

Offer & Methods :

  • Data analysis (format, sources, etc.)
  • Collection and synchronization of data
  • Definition of the representation of data according to the information required
  • Dynamic representation of the data
  • Implementation of interactivity
  • Deployment

Business Model Big Data

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